quality control

Quality control

Your ultimate insurance

The quality of a finished product is only as good as the quality of the people involved in the process.  In this aspect, Conforma places the highest premium on its personnel.  At Conforma, scientists from the fields of chemistry and microbiology join leading project engineers, lab technicians, validation engineers, and regulatory compliance experts. They all share one goal:  to exceed your expectations.

Quality Inspections and Strict Monitoring

Quality Assurance controls GMP compliance.

Our analytical laboratory is equipped with computer-driven HPLC systems, gas chromatographs, spectrophotometers, titration units and all equipment required to determine physical parameters. This technologically advanced equipment gives us the ability to maintain a complete in-process control system.

Conforma strictly and continuously monitors  air quality, hygiene and micro-biological quality of the de-mineralized water used in the production process.

The “in-process” and “end-product” controls either adhere to the specifications and analytical methods set forth by the contract manufacturing client or are based on the specifications and analytical methods mandated by the European (or applicable country) Pharmacopoeia or mandated by the monographs created by Conforma and approved by the Belgium Ministry of Health.

Conforma has an on-site microbial lab for screening microbiological quality of raw materials and finished products.

What’s more, our warehouse receives, stocks, and dispatches base materials, packaging materials, and finished products according to official Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidelines.

For these reasons, Conforma guarantees that its finished products comply with the strictest quality demands.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Validation

As a pharmaceutical company, Conforma carries out production in accordance with the GMP quality standards.  That means products are produced in a GMP-compliant work space and guaranteed to be pharmaceutically correct.

The Validation Master Plan ensures that all installations, processes, and analytical methods are validated on a regular and on-going basis.