Conforma’s packaging facilities are highly flexible and fully automated. Our high speed equipment is designed to fill plastic and aluminum tubes, jars, glass and plastic bottles. Our finished products cover a wide range of viscosities.  We complete the packaging process with inserting, capping, sealing, labeling and boxing.  Our dedicated packaging engineers meticulously oversee every stage in the packaging process.   

Semi solids

With dedicated filling lines, Conforma  packages semi-solid preparations in plastic tubes and aluminium tubes in sizes ranging from 10 ml to 250 ml. Plus, we offer packaging in pots and buckets in weights of 5 kilograms to 10 grams.

In addition to packaging the finished-product tubes in boxes, Conforma can insert items such as instruction leaflets and applicators.  When required, Conforma applies labeling on both the primary and secondary packaging.

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Conforma’s dedicated  liquid filling lines can accommodate packaging in both plastic and glass in sizes measuring from 10 milliliters to 5 liters.

In addition to packaging the finished product in boxes, Conforma can insert items such as instruction leaflets, measuring spoons, pipettes, cups, and applicators.

For liquids, Conforma also offers packaging of bulk products.